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  • 15 June- 2017

    Emarald Future Snatchers

    The climate change is already affecting the human development, natural and livlihood base of global communities, including the tribes of Eastern Ghats region, India. IDEA'S Eastern ghats climate chagne initiative (ECCI) is endeavoring to facilitate the communities and concerned development agencies of the region to plan and adopt appropriate stateges to mitigate the climate chaange related adverse afects wtih proper macto and micto level perceptions.

    14 May - 2017

    Strengthening tribal economies through endogenous development

    The Eastern Ghats in India is the homeland of about 60 tribal communities with a total population of around 6.5 million people. The majority of these tribes live in hilly, forested areas. Each tribal group has a distinct life style, based on their belief in nature and the spiritual world.

  • 28 February - 2005

    From hunting to ecological protection

    In all tribal communities in the Eastern Ghats, India, the ecosystem is inseparable from their beliefs, customs and social organisation. Their life style is the product of the dynamic relationship between People and Nature over several generations. They have evolved a pattern of life that worships and preserves their natural environment.

    11 December- 2001

    A tribal organisation shows its strengths

    In September 2001, a group of tribal leaders from Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in the Eastern Ghats, India, organised an Indigenous Knowledge Mela. During this 4-day fair hundreds of tribal people exchanged their experiences related to agriculture, health, food preparation and sociocultural practices. The fair highlighted the level of organisation of the Naik Gotna, a network of tribal leaders, and outlined ideas to improve the lives of the tribal communities on the basis of local knowledge and technology. This event took place in the research and development centre of IDEA, one of the Compas partner organizations.

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