ECCI (Eastern Ghats Climate Change Initiative

Climate Change (CC) in Eastern Ghats

The The Climate Change (CC) in Eastern Ghats - india is adversely affecting te human development, biodiversity, natural resources and livelihoods of rural ad tribal communities of about 70 ethnic tribes with about 20 million populations in sevel states and about 17.5 million of 45 ethnic tribes from N. Eastern Ghats alone in four states - Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chattisgarh and Odisha. IDEA is working with tribal communities for conservation of biodiversity in these states for more than three decades with participatory action, research and network approaches

Climate Change (CC) in Bay of Bengal of East Coast

The The Climate Change (CC) is also adversely affecting the marine biological resources and about a million fishermen population in about 500 villages in east coast of Bay of Bengal, where IDEA has initiated climate change initiative with action and network stategies and working on it for quite some time.

Expected Coverage : About 5000 tribal and fishermen villages in Andhra Pradesg, Odisha, Telangana, Chattisgarh states and in east coast of Bay of Bengal will be covered by 2020.

Vision : To facilitate tribals and fishermen, in the selected zones, to acquire new or revive traditional CC adaption adn mitigation strategies with PAR approach by 2020 commencing from 2015.

Resources : Presently non funding

IDEA's concerns : IDEA's Eastern Ghats climate change initiative (ECCI) is facilitating the communities in the above regions to perceive the changing macto and micro level trends and learn adaption and mitigation strategies with ENDOGENOUS DEVELOMENT APPROACH (i.e. through judicious integration of indigenous and modern knowledge).Eastern Ghats

Strategies : To integrate and converge Climage Change with selected Clean India (Swach Bharat) compopnents such as solid waste management, drainage, safe and healthy drinking water etc.

To integrate / networking and colloborate with communities, Governament research institutes and local governament bodies / Panchayats, NGO's etc., for achieving goal.

Planned Climate Change Initiatives :